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We investigate the mechanism of translation on the ribosome by using cryo-electron microscopy and single-particle reconstruction.

Recent Publications

Book: Found in Translation: Collection of Original Articles on
Single-Particle Reconstruction and the Structural Basis of
Protein Synthesis

Publisher: World Scientific

Book: Computational Methods for Three-Dimensional
Microscopy Reconstruction

Editors: Gabor T. Herman, Joachim Frank
Publisher: Springer

Article: Exploring the dynamics of supramolecular machines with
cryo-electron microscopy

Journal: International Solvay Institutes
Author: Joachim Frank

Article: EttA regulates translation by binding to the ribosomal E site and restricting ribosome-tRNA dynamics
Journal: Nature Structural & Molecular Biology
Author: Bo Chen, et al.

Article: The ABC-F protein EttA gates ribosome entry into the translation elongation cycle
Journal: Nature Structural & Molecular Biology
Author: Grégory Boël, et al.

Article: Structure of the mammalian ribosomal pre-termination complex associated with eRF1•eRF3•GDPNP
Journal: Nucleic Acids Research
Author: Amédée des Georges, et al.

Article: Hepatitis-C-virus-like internal ribosome entry sites displace eIF3 to
gain access to the 40S subunit

Journal: Nature
Author: Yaser Hashem, et al.

Article: Cryo-EM visualization of the ribosome in termination complex
with apo-RF3 and RF1

Journal: eLife
Author: Jesper Pallesen, et al.

Article: Structure of the mammalian ribosomal 43S preinitiation complex
bound to the scanning factor DHX29

Journal: Cell
Author: Yaser Hashem, et al.

Article: Story in a sample – the potential (and limitations) of cryo-electron microscopy applied to molecular machines
Journal: Biopolymers
Author: Joachim Frank

Recent News

Energy Landscape computed by analyzing single-particle cryo-EM images of ~850,000 ribosomes purified from yeast
December 1, 2014

The picture shows the result of a novel method of analysis, by manifold embedding, as applied to a large dataset of ribosomes. These ribosomes are not engaged in translation as they lack mRNA and most tRNAs. However, they still undergo Brownian motions, and the analysis reveals the continuum of conformational changes that thermal bombardment at room temperature will produce. What we see is a three-dimensional landscape in which the x,y axes represent reaction coordinates (these are orthogonal coordinates associated with the system’s two primary...
The Ryanodine receptor
The Ryanodine receptor (calcium release channel)...

Happy birthday, Dr. Frank!
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NRAMM 2014 Workshop
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