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We investigate the mechanism of translation on the ribosome by using cryo-electron microscopy and single-particle reconstruction.

Recent Publications

Book: Single-Particle Cryo-Electron Microscopy
Publisher: World Scientific
Editor: Joachim Frank
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Article: Identification of ions in experimental electrostatic
potential maps
Journal: International Union of Crystallography Journal
Author: Jimin Wang, et al.

Article: New Opportunities Created by Single-Particle Cryo-EM:
The Mapping of Conformational Space

Journal: Biochemistry
Author: Joachim Frank

Article: Channel opening and gating mechanism in AMPA-subtype
glutamate receptors

Journal: Nature
Authors: Edward C. Twomey, et al.

Article: Structural Bases of Desensitization in AMPA Receptor-Auxiliary
Subunit Complexes

Journal: Neuron
Authors: Edward C. Twomey, et al.

Article: A Fast and Effective Microfluidic Spraying-Plunging Method for High-Resolution Single-Particle Cryo-EM
Journal: Structure
Authors: Xiangsong Feng, et al.

Article: Quantitative Characterization of Domain
Motions in Molecular Machines

Journal: The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Authors: Suvrajit Maji, et al.

Article: The mechanism of translation
Journal: F1000 Research
Authors: Joachim Frank

Article: Nmd3 is a structural mimic of eIF5A, and activates
the cpGTPase Lsg1 during 60S ribosome biogenesis

Journal: EMBO
Authors: Andrey Malyutin, et al.

Article: Advances in the field of single-particle cryo-electron microscopy
over the last decade

Journal: Nature Protocols
Authors: Joachim Frank

Recent News

Paper accepted to IUCrJ
April 19, 2018

Identification of ions in experimental electrostatic potential maps. Jimin Wang, Zheng Liu, Joachim Frank and Peter Moore. International Union of Crystallography Journal ABSTRACT Cryo-electron microscopy (EM) directly images the distribution of electrostatic potential within macromolecules, and thus can provide much more information about atomic charges than X-ray crystallography normally does. The electron scattering length of an isolated ion is quite different from that of the corresponding neutral atom. The difference is very large...
New Book: Single-Particle Cryo-Electron Microscopy
https://www.worldscientific.com/worldscibooks/10.1142/10844 Series...

Binita Shah featured in Columbia Science Review
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