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We investigate the mechanism of translation on the ribosome by using cryo-electron microscopy and single-particle reconstruction.

Recent Publications

Article: A Fast and Effective Microfluidic Spraying-Plunging Method for High-Resolution Single-Particle Cryo-EM
Journal: Structure
Authors: Xiangsong Feng, et al.

Article: Quantitative Characterization of Domain
Motions in Molecular Machines

Journal: The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Authors: Suvrajit Maji, et al.

Article: The mechanism of translation
Journal: F1000 Research
Authors: Joachim Frank

Article: Nmd3 is a structural mimic of eIF5A, and activates
the cpGTPase Lsg1 during 60S ribosome biogenesis

Journal: EMBO
Authors: Andrey Malyutin, et al.

Article: Advances in the field of single-particle cryo-electron microscopy
over the last decade

Journal: Nature Protocols
Authors: Joachim Frank

Article: Key Intermediates in Ribosome Recycling Visualized by
Time-Resolved Cryoelectron Microscopy

Journal: Structure
Authors: Ziao Fu, et al.

Article: Determination of the ribosome structure to a resolution of 2.5 Å
by single-particle cryo-EM

Journal: Protein Science
Authors: Zheng Liu, et al.

Article: Structure of the STRA6 receptor for retinol uptake
Journal: Science
Authors: Yunting Chen, et al.

Article: Structure and assembly model for the Trypanosoma cruzi 60S
ribosomal subunit

Journal: PNAS
Authors: Zheng Liu, et al.

Article: Structural Basis for Gating and Activation of RyR1
Journal: Cell
Authors: Amédée des Georges, et al.

Recent News

Paper accepted by The Journal of Physical Chemistry
February 15, 2017

Our paper describing work in collaboration with the late Klaus Schulten, “Quantitative Characterization of Domain Motions in Molecular Machines” by Suvrajit Maji, Rezvan Shahoei, Klaus Schulten and Joachim Frank, has just been accepted by  The Journal of Physical Chemistry Part B -- Biophysical Chemistry, Biomaterials, Liquids, and Soft Matter.  It will appear in a Special Issue dedicated to the memory of Klaus Schulten. Click here for full article. ABSTRACT The work of molecular machines such as the ribosome is accompanied by conformational...
Paper accepted by Structure
An article describing the design and testing of a new PDMS-based...

Just accepted by EMBO Journal
Title: Nmd3 is a structural mimic of eIF5A, and activates...

Don Caspar's 90th Birthday Symposium
JANUARY 7-8, 2017 at Florida State University, Tallahassee “Don...