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We investigate the mechanism of translation on the ribosome by using cryo-electron microscopy and single-particle reconstruction.

Recent Publications

Book: Single-Particle Cryo-Electron Microscopy
Publisher: World Scientific
Editor: Joachim Frank
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Journal: Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
Author: Evan Seitz, Joachim Frank

Journal: Nature
Author: Sandip Kaledhonkar, et al.

Article: On the damage done to the structure of the T. acidophilum
proteasome by electron radiation

Journal: Protein Science
Author: Jimin Wang, et al.

Article: Identification of Changing Ribosome Protein Compositions
using Mass Spectrometry

Journal: Proteomics
Author: Parimal Samir, et al.

Article: Time-Resolved Cryo-electron Microscopy Using a
Microfluidic Chip

Book: Protein Complex Assembly
Author: Sandip Kaledhonkar, et al.

Article: Three-Dimensional Analysis of Mitochondrial Crista Ultrastructure
in a Patient with Leigh Syndrome by In Situ Cryoelectron Tomography

Journal: iScience
Author: Stephanie E. Siegmund, et al.

Article: Single-Particle Reconstruction of Biological Molecules:
Story in a Sample (Nobel Lecture)

Journal: Angewandte Chemie
Author: Joachim Frank

Book chapter: New Insights into Ribosome Structure and Function
Book: Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology
Author: Amy Jobe, et al.

Recent News

Alexander Sergeevich Spirin
January 8, 2021

Alexander Sergeevich Spirin (9/4/1931 – 12/30/2020) Alexander Spirin was an eminent Russian biochemist, who was one of the early pioneers in ribosome research.  His lifelong research interests were nucleic acids and protein synthesis.  Among his many early achievements he predicted the existence of messenger RNA, and showed that the RNA content of ribosomes does not code for protein, but is structural in nature.  As someone coming into the field rather late, as a structural biologist, I mostly appreciated his work on mRNA-tRNA translocation....
Just accepted by Proteomics
A time-resolved cryo-EM Study of S. cerevisiae 80S Ribosome...

GABA Receptor Paper in NATURE – example of a successful technology transfer
Structure of human GABAB receptor in an inactive state Jinseo...

New paper in Nature
Structure of human GABAB receptor in an inactive state. Jinseo...